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Build strength and muscle


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Improve range of motion


Prevent back pain


Lose weight

Classes for Every Body

To live life to the fullest, you need to care for your body. Wysefit helps you identify, plan, and reach your fitness goals. Whatever your targets, we’ll help you build a science-based workout plan tailored to your needs.

Yoga for Strength and Mobility

Movement improvment

Strength Training

Build muscle, lose weight

Total Body Fitness

Get moving to music

“Absolutely perfect. The pace was exactly what I am able to do. Your instructions on breathing and keeping proper form — I just loved it. I am sweating, feeling the muscles, and not sore. Thank you.”

Nadine Harris

Wysefit member since 2017 

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Trust Wysefit for Your Fitness

Personalized Programs

You’re unique, and so are your fitness needs. We’ll help you build a program that’s 100% tailored to what you want to achieve.

Safety First

Our plans focus on improving your fitness over the long-term – no burpees, crunches, or exercises that may cause injury.

Expert Advice

Our programs are science-based, designed by highly-skilled, dedicated fitness and medical professionals.

Beginner Friendly

Start with the exercises you feel comfortable with, and slowly build up the length and intensity of your workouts.

Committed Support

Chat one-on-one with one of our coaches, and get help, encouragement and advice from our supportive community of users.

Future Facing

We’ll continually improve Wysefit, introducing features like motion-tracking, AI coaching, data tracking, and gamification.

World Class Instructors and PTs

Liz Bradley, CPT

Whole-body strength training

Clarice Cummins, P.T.

Core strenth for older adults

Physical Therapist with advanced training in Spinal Health and Wellness. Experience in neurological PT and sports orthopedics.

Baxter Bell, M.D.

Yoga and stress reduction

Family doctor, accomplished yoga instructor, and published author. Co-author of the book “Yoga for Healthy Aging”.

“I already lost 12 lbs doing Wysefit 21-day challenge and other classes. I feel stronger. Even my knee pain is better. Onto another challenge!”

Daniel Schumacher

Wysefit member since 2019

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Make Wysefit work for you

Step 1

Set your fitness goals

Tell us your goals and we will build a customized fitness plan for you to hit them in the fastest time possible

Step 2

Follow the plan

Work out alongside the training videos we’ve assembled for you based on targeted areas for improvement

Step 3

Get coached to win

Reach out at any time to your live coach who will guide you along your fitness journey