7 Reasons Why Improving Core Strength is Critical as We Age

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August 23, 2019

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7 Reasons Why Improving Core Strength is Critical as We Age

The core is the foundation of our entire body. It’s responsible for keeping us stable, strong, and supported. Most wiser adults think of training the core as something for younger people. After all, having six-pack abs is usually something muscled gym-goers are interested in! However, core training is about much more than having a toned midsection. In fact, it’s just as important as traditional weight training and cardio! This is because having a strong core will keep us healthy and happy as we become wiser. Here is why improving core strength is critical as we age.

The Core

Before we begin, let’s explore what exactly the core is and the role it plays in our body. The core consists of the abdominals, hips, pelvic floor, back, and behind. Some of the muscles of the core are the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, internal and external obliques, diaphragm, and erector spinae. Our core also includes all of the muscles in the hips, lower back, and glutes. These muscles work together to keep us stable, mobile, and upright.Our core is responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and spine. It also has a big influence on how our legs and upper body work. Our core is what helps us get into a variety of postures as we go about our day – from reaching for a glass in the pantry to sitting at our desks. Our core also helps us stay mobile and keeps us from feeling pain in our joints.Now that we know what the core does, let’s dive into why improving our core strength is critical as we age.

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1. Keeps Us From Falling

As we mentioned above, our core is more than just our abdominals. In fact, it is made up of 35 different muscles that keep us upright and strong. If we have a weak core then we are at a much greater risk of falling. This is because our body simply cannot support itself. We may not be able to lift our weight properly or shift it when we walk up and down stairs or bend over. This can lead to us falling with no chance of correcting ourselves since the core is too weak to help us adjust. Our core also keeps us balanced as we traverse uneven terrain like hills, gravel, and grass.

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2. Improves Our Posture

No one wants to be the bent-over old person with a cane. With a strong core, we can stay upright and maintain proper posture at all time. This is because the muscles that wrap around our spine are included in the core. Keeping those muscles strong gives our spine the support it needs to stay in its proper position. Good posture helps us take deep breaths, prevents wear on our spine, and helps us exercise better. Plus, proper posture helps improve our confidence and simply makes us look better!

3. Relieves Back Pain

Since a strong core keeps our posture upright and strong, it also means that our back is less likely to hurt. Our core also includes our lower back muscles, so when we strengthen them, we are much less likely to strain them, causing pain. Having a strong back also means it can properly carry the weight of our body. A weak core can also lead to pain in other body parts. For example, knee pain can result from poor pelvic stabilization, which leads to improper gait when walking and running. Strengthening your core muscles is the cornerstone of the Back Health and Core Stability program that we are offering in Wysefit app.

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4. Helps us Complete Everyday Activities

A strong core is necessary for just about every action we take in a day. Our core helps us get out of the car, stand up from a chair, or pick ourself up off the ground. We also use our core to do household tasks like taking out the trash, vacuuming, and carrying groceries. It also helps us reach up for dishes in our cabinets and reach down to get food off the bottom shelf of our pantry.

5. Prevents Incontinence

Since the muscles that make up our pelvic floor are also a part of our core, it plays a role in incontinence. Unfortunately, as we age, these muscles naturally become weaker, which means we may have a harder time “holding it.” The good news is that we can strengthen our pelvic floor so that we can improve our bladder functioning.

6. Decreases Recovery Time

While having a strong core can help prevent falls, it isn’t a guarantee. We may still fall or worse, be involved in an accident. Or we may have a medical condition that requires surgery. Whatever the case, having a strong core will speed up our recovery time. It will help us be more resilient should injuries occur and we get through physical rehab much more quickly.

7. Helps Us Breathe Easier

Our core is responsible for pushing our breath out of our body. If we have a weak core, we may have trouble expelling our breath. The core also helps control the thorax, which tightens when we hold our breath to push heavy objects or do anything that requires exertion. If this doesn’t happen, we might not have the force needed to complete the action that we are trying to do.Improving our core strength is essential to living a healthy, happy life. As we grow wiser, we will want to experience everything life has to offer and in order to do that, we will need to move! Taking the time to strengthen our core through exercise is a great investment in our quality of life.

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